Hurt - Cold Inside tab

Artist: Hurt
Album: Vol. 1
Song: Cold Inside

Tuning: Drop D

Hey, heres a great song from the surprisingly awesome album by the band Hurt.  I bought
cd, not really quit sure what I would be getting, but it's really great. It's not all
their single "rapture," like I expected.  It has lots of great melodic stuff, including 
great acoustic song.

Intro/Verse (Finger Pick, * indicates strings that should be plucked at the same time)

* * * * * *e-------0--------0------0---------0-------0----0--|B----3--------3----------------3--------3---------|D-2--------2---------2------3--------3------3-----|G-------------------------------------------------|A---Really Pluck----------------------------------|D-0-<------0---------0------0--------0------0-----| repeat as necessary
Fading out part that is played at the end of each phrase:
Small chord thing at 0:44 (If you want to sing the song and aren't able to finger pick sing at the same time, you can substitute these chords.)
e-0--0-0--x--0-| let ring then repeatB-3--3-3--x--3-|D-2--2-2--x--3-|G-0--0-0--x--0-|A-0--0-0--x--0-|D-0--0-0--x--0-|
Chorus (follow the rythym with the song, the second chord contains a lot of dissidence I believe it to be correct. Use your pointer finger to create the mute on the B string.)
e-0--0-0--x--0----0---0-0-0-0--0--0-0--0--0-0--0-0--0-|B-3--3-3--x--3----3---3-3-3-3--x--x-x--x--x-x--x-x--x-|D-2--2-2--x--2----2---2-2-2-2--3--3-3--3--3-3--3-3--3-|G-0--0-0--x--0----0---0-0-0-0--4--4-4--4--4-4--4-4--4-|A-0--0-0--x--0----0---0-0-0-0--4--4-4--4--4-4--4-4--4-|D-0--0-0--x--0----0---0-0-0-0--4--4-4--4--4-4--4-4--4-| (repeat as necessary)
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