Husker Du – Divide And Conquer tab

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From: (Gary Von Colln)

@Song: Divide and Conquer
Written by Bob Mould
Recorded by Husker Du on album "Flip Your Wig" (SST)
File format: tab
Transcribed by Gary Von Colln

This song is based on three chords: D - A - G.  The main riff is based
on these chords and the chords themselves are played while Bob Mould
sings.  When I play I use the open forms of these chords; I'm not sure
what form Bob Mould uses (the fuzz makes it hard to tell).

Main Riff

D A Ge-|--------------------|-----------------|--------|B-|--3--3--3--3--3--3--|-----------3-----|--------|G-|--2--2--2-h4-p2-p0--|--2--2--2--4-----|--------|D-|--------------------|--4--4--4--5-----|--------|A-|--------------------|--0--0--0--------|--------|E-|--------------------|-----------------|--------|
[Each verse sing words over chords D - A - G, 4x] [Between verses play Main Riff 4x] Words D A G They divided up all the land We've got states and cities Cities have their neighborhoods And more subdivisions There's lots of area codes And nine digit zip codes Secret decoder ring codes Arteries, shopping nodes There's countries divided by walls Oceans and latitudes And longitudes longing to find out What there missing We'll invent some new computers Link up the global village Get API, UPI, Reuters To tell everybody the news, news We'll be one happy neighborhood Spread out across the world But who's gonna stop that burglar from breaking into my house When he lives that far away We'll be just like old friends No means to your ends The police state is too busy And the neighborhood's getting out of hand Big Brother on every wall Muzak plays in all the halls Empires see the rise and fall They divide and conquer It's not about my politics Something happened way to quick A bunch of me who played it slick They divide and conquer It's all here before your eyes Safety is a big disguise That hides among the other lies They divide and conquer Well I expect I won't be heard Cause my silence is assured Never a discouraging word They divide and conquer
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