Hymnal - Love Lifted Me chords

Love Lifted Me
Written by: Unknown
Tabbed By: Xaxu
Tuning: Standard

I take no credit for this tab. I could not find the 
one who made this tab, credit goes to them.

Info: Key of Bb play chords as if in the key of A. 
Capo: 1


A EI was sink-ing deep in sin, Far from the peaceful shore,
E7 AVer-y deep-ly stained with-in, sink-ing to rise no more,
A DBut the Mas-ter of the sea Heard my de-spair-ing cry,
D Cdim5 A E7 AFrom the wa-ters lift-ed me, Now safe am I.
A E7 A DLove lift-ed me! Lord lift-ed me!
D A B7 E7When noth-ing else could help, Love lift-ed me.
A E7 A DLove lift-ed me! Lord lift-ed me!
D A A E7 AWhen noth-ing else could help, Love lift-edÖ me.
A E7All my heart to him I give, Ev-er to him Iíll cling,
E7 AIn his bless-ed pres-ence live, Ev-er his prais-es sing,
A DLove so might-y and so true Mer-its my soulís best songs,
D Cdim5 A E7 AFaith-ful, lov-ing ser-vice, too, To him be-longs.
A E7Souls in dan-ger, look a-bove, Je-sus com-plete-ly saves,
E7 AHe will lift you by his love Out of the an-gry waves,
A DHeís the Mas-ter of the sea, Bil-lows his will o-bey,
D Cdim5 A E7 AHe your Sav-ior wants to be, Be saved to-day.
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