Hymnal - Just A Closer Walk With Thee chords

Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Written by: Anonymous
Tabbed By: Xaxu
Tuning: Standard

I take no credit for this tab. I could not find the 
one who made this tab, credit goes to them.

Info: Key of Bb play chords as if in the key of A. 
Capo: 1


A E AI am weak but thou art strong, Je-sus, keep me from all wrong,
A A7 D A E7 D A Ill be sat-is-fied as long As I walk, let me walk close to thee.
A E AJust a clos-er walk with thee, Grant it, Je-sus, is my plea,
A A7 D A E7 D ADai-ly walk-ing close to thee, Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.
A E AThro this world of toil and snares, If I fal-ter, Lord, who cares?
A A7 D A E7 D AWho with me my bur-den shares? None but thee, dear Lord, none but thee.
A E AWhen my fee-ble life is oer, Time for me will be no more,
A A7 D A E7 D A Guide me gent-ly, safe-ly oer To thy king-dom shore, to thy shore.
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