Hymnal – Sweet Hour Of Prayer chords

Sweet Hour of Prayer
Written by: Wm. W. Walford and William B. Bradbury
Tabbed By: Xaxu
Tuning: Standard

I take no credit for this tab. I could not find the 
one who made this tab, credit goes to them.

Info: Key of D


D GSweet hour of pray’r, sweet hour of pray’r,
D AThat calls me from a world of care,
D GAnd bids me at my Fa-ther’s throne,
D A7 DMake all my wants and wishes known…
D G DIn sea-sons of dis-tress and grief,
D G D A7My soul has of-ten found re-lief,
D (D7) G And oft es-caped the tempt-er’s snare, . . .
D A DBy they re-turn, sweet hour of pray’r.
D GSweet hour of pray’r, sweet hour of pray’r,
D AThy wings shall my pe-ti-tion bear
D GTo him whose truth and faith-ful-ness
D A7 DEn-gage the wait-ing soul to bless. . .
D G AAnd since he bids me seek his face,
D G D ABe-lieve his word, and trust his grace, . . .
D (D7) GI’ll cast on him my ev-‘ry care,
D A DAnd wait for thee, sweet hour of pray’r.
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