Hymns From Nineveh - Rage Silence Love chords

Another great song by Hymns from Nineveh. This one is easy to play on a piano, but 
sounds good on the guitar as well.

Intro: Bm

Bm Bm/a BmThe rage burned like a fire in Achilles
Bm/aand when it burns in me
GI beg you please
don't be afraid
Dsus4 A7of my rage
Dmy love
The silence muted Abraham, the true and when it mutes me too I beg, I beg you don't be confused by my silence my love Chorus:
BmDarkblue skies
F# Bmcan swallow a man completely
Bmso he does
F# Gwhat he doesn't want to do
but in rage
Dsus4and in silence
A7you complete me
Dmy love
Wind instruments solo Chorus 2
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