Hyper Static Union - Praying For Sunny Days tab

Seeing as I am a rhythm guitarist, i will put the chords. the lead parts are correct in 
other tabs... the chords are not... these are the chords i learned b watching HSU play 
my church, as well as by ear... enjoy.

No Chords
The thunder echoes from the mountains to the waves
Sometimes I wish I could tell the clouds to behave
Calm the stormy seas
Just by stretching out my hand
But I am just a man, only a man, so IímÖ

C            Am   F         C
Praying for sunny days to return to me
C            Am           F       C
Seeking the warmth of the solar rays
C             Am         F             C
Iím not just seeing the gray skies in front of me
C            Am   F         C
Praying for sunny days

A on bass only
This torrential downpour has my brain in a trance
Iíd get up and move but I just canít dance
Lord, You know that Iíve done all I can
But I am just a man, only a man, so IímÖ


D           C        B                 A
Rain, rain, go away, I have faith that you wonít stay
E                  F
I donít care what doubters say
F#              G#
Sunny days will come my way
D                   C
Then the birds come out to play
B               A
By the light of one sun ray
E              F
Now I kneel me down to pray,
F#                  G#
Please, God give me sunny days

(SOLO Same as in the other tabs)


C  FF       C                     FF
     So I'm praying for sunny days 3x

End on C
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