Hypocrisy – Impotent God tab

                         HYPOCRISY - IMPOTENT GOD
                         From the Album PENETRALIA
                         Copyright Nuclear Blast     

                        Version 1.0 - September 1997

Transcribed by: Richard Broadhead II()

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"  - tremolo note                * - read comment
.  - palm mute                   \ - slide down
r  - natural harmonics           / - slide up

Tuning: C(everystring 2 steps down)

Note: I wasn't anal with this song, so I didn't include some detail such as
      a riff ending with a slight slide(such as in Riff B).  But all the notes
      are right.

Riff A Riff B||------------------|| ||------------------||||------------------|| ||------------------||||------------------|| ||------------------|| GTR I and GTR II||------------------|| ||------7"------8"--||||-----4"------5"---|| ||--5"------6"------||||-2"------3"-------|| ||------------------||
Play Riff A a total of 4 times, then play Riff B a total of 4 times Play Riff A 8 times Play Riff B 4 times
Riff C|-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------| GTR I and GTR II|-------------------------------------------------||-----4"--3"------4"--3"------8"--7"------8"--7"--||-1"----------1"----------5"----------5"----------|
Play Riff C a total of 4 times
Riff D|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------| GTR I and GTR II|---------2------------2----||-----4"---3------4"--3-----||-2"----------2"------------|
Play Riff D a total of 4 times
Riff E|---------------||---------------||-----5"---4----| Gtr II|-3"---------5--||-----3"---2----||-1"---------3--| Gtr I
Play Riff E a total of 4 times Play Riff A 4 times Play Riff B 4 times
Riff F|----------------||----------------||----------------| GTR I and GTR II|----------------||------3"----4---||-1"---------2---|
Play Riff F a total of 2 times Play Riff B 2 times Play Riff F 2 times Play Riff B 2 times
Riff G|------||------||------||------||-2----||-0----| .
*Riff H.1|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------| GTR I and *GTR II|-------------4-------------||-2----3-2----2-3\----------||-0----1-0------1\----------|*On the B5 chord sometimes the F# is added in on either guitar 1 or 2, listenfor it.
*Riff H.2|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------| GTR I|----------------4----------||-2----3-2-------2-3\-------||-0----1-0---------1\-------|
|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------| GTR II|----------rrrr--4----------||-2----3-2--2-2--2-3\-------||-0----1-0-2-2-----1\-------|
* Again, I didn't pay attention to see if the F# was in one of the guitars. Also, when I transcribed this song my guitar was in B which makes it tonally impossible to get the correct harmonics, but my guess is that it was F#'s. Anyways, if those harmonics are wrong it should be pretty easy to figure out yourself what they are if your guitar is in C. Personally I don't have the patience to put my guitar in C, so I always leave it as B :) Play Riff H.1 twice with solo Then Play the following Riff D 4x Riff A 4x Riff B 4x Riff A 4x Riff F 2x Riff B 2x Riff F 2x Riff B 2x Riff G Riff C 4x Riff G For questions, comments, corrections, or newest version, email
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