I Mother Earth – Another Sunday tab

Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 12:34:28 -0500
From: 659513@ican.net

	Another Sunday - I Mother Earth

Intro -Verse riffIf you look carefully at the world to this song.. it looks like it's about aliens! The two main chords are:e-------------B------------G---4---3---D------------A------------E---3---2---
Sunday...always hard to get to sleep when, weird noises are implying threats, on cold sheets I sweat. On any other day, It's all rest and flowers and a long night of nothing In the morning some coffee. A C D C A Cause when the sun goes down you close your eyes and think that you might wake, C in the same place Chorus: G D I'm out of my head, That was what they said, G D D D D# E(7th fret) there was no way I would ever trust again, E D C G There's something that fills you up and it feels you up and then, G D It take control of your better sense, G D E There ain't no control of things you take for granted, E D B But they came and they held me up and felt me up and left.....I miss them, Take me, to your world I want to know if I belong there instead of here, Is there religion? It is unordinary, to want this affection, but I don't have a real friend...and I hate my whole family But from my bed my window's lit by a red light I have seen before, while floating away.. CHORUS Solo Riff thing. E--0-0-5b-3-5-8-0-0-5b-3-5-8-5-7-5-7- CHORUS Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 14:01:30 -0800 From: Denis Fitzpatrick Subject: another sunday by I mother earth Another Sunday-Intro Riff This isn't really a tab, more of a suggestion on how to play it. I posted this because I thought everyone knew this. Then I saw a tab that looke like you had to fingerpick. I'm pretty sure that this is the right way.
Play slow:|--------------||--------------||4-------3--3/4||x-------x--x--||2(2-2-2)1--1/2||3(3-3-3)2--2/3|
After he says: "On any other day" Jag adds another note. I think this note is the same form but acouple frets higher. Figured out by Denis Hammerstedt Tabbed by Neil Fitzpatrick fitzpatr@mb.sympatico.ca
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