Ian Hunter – Irene Wilde chords

Irene Wilde - Ian Hunter Band

Taken from the live album Welcome to the Club.  It's a piano piece but transfers to 
acoustic nicely.

Intro/Pre-chord: G

C G Am EmWhen I was just sixteen I stood waiting for a dream
F G C FAt Barker Street Bus Station every night
C G Am EmWhen I tried to get it on she just looked at me with scorn
F G C F CMy courage turned to fear and I took flight
Am F G CFor those looks they seemed to say you ain’t nothin' go away
Am F G CYou’re just some face in some crowd so I walked home and I vowed
F C F C F C FI'm gonna be somebody someday
C G Am EmHer name was Irene Wilde Oh such beauty for a child
F G C FWhen she started dating boys I nearly died
C G Am EmWell I could not barely stand seeing anyone hold her hand
F G C F CI thought I'd have to crawl away and hide
Am F G CIn my mother's Sunday room I’d compose so many tunes
Am F G CThey was all the same just a frame for the name and just to say
F C F C C bridgeI'm gonna be somebody someday
Am F G CWild was your name, I soon left that country town
Am FI’ve been around, I've seen some things,
G CI’ve seen some ups, I've seen some downs
Am F G CSmile through your shock as you hear your name outloud
Am FI’s that face in the crowd
G CI didn't dig it I'm much too proud
C G Am EmWhen I was just sixteen I stood waiting for that dream
F G C FAt Barker street bus station non-affair
C G Am EmAt the time it seemed so sad but it didn't turn out bad
F G C F Cif she hadn't turned me down I'd still be there
Am FWell I think most folks agree
G CA little put-down makes them see
Am Fthey aint the chain they're just a link
G Cand thats why she made me think
F C F F C F F C F C F C F CI'm gonna be somebody, be somebody, be somebody – someday
Fade to end
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