Ice Mc – Its A Rainy Day tab

Tabbed by Mazon

"It's a Rainy Day" by Ice MC feat. Alexia


Dm              A#
Do you remember
C               Am
Before the rain came down
Dm              A#
You were so full of life
F               C
So bring that right back round

D A# (ALL SONG) Billy was a youth on the way to school Hum an him bredin Deh ina everything togeda Gyal dem catchin' Go ina di club a night time Bubblin' pan di rydim After the school year Done Billy did loose sight of him Many many time pas by An him hear Him friend hustin' Drop ina di trap fi di double An him recieve bullit Billy feel bad bredin dead an bury It's a rainy da Yeah the sun will shine It's a rainy day...
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