Ice Nine Kills – Build Your Own Disaster tab

I'm not sure what tuning the band plays it in but i know the notes are close to if not
right.  I find it easiest to finger pick it.  This is a correction to my first tab (I'm 
noob at ultimate-guitar and it wouldn't let me edit the first one) and i'm planning on tabbing
the rest of the song.  Comments/corrections appreciated.

play 6 times end early sixth timee|-------6---3---3-------4---3---3---3-------3---3---3---------3-----------|B|-------------------6-------------------6---------------6-------6-4-------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---5-------------6---6---6---6-------------------------------------------|A|-3---3---3---3-------------------6---6---6---6---5---5---5---------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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