Ice Nine Kills – A Lifetime In A Week tab ver. 2

I didn't see a tab up for this song, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I completely eared
everything you see. I love the acoustic sound, and it's probably tuned half-step up or 
at the 1st fret, but I don't have
one so..
For now, here's what I can manage. I'm still working on it, this is the first tab I've
put up, lemme know what you think?
I know there's 2 guitars, but here's 1 guitar for now.

Intro (0:01)e|------------------|B|------------------|G|-----8------------| x2D|-5---8---8---3----|A|-5---6---8---3----|E|-3-------6---1----|
Verse 1part 1 (0:21)e|------------------------|B|-----3---------3/4\3----|G|---3---3---3------------| x4D|-1-------1---1----------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
part 2 (0:32)e|----------------------10-----------------------------10h11p10-|B|-------11----------------11----------11-----------------------|G|----10----10-----10---------------10----10----10--------------|D|-12-----------12----12---------12----------12---12------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
e|-10h11-11-8-8h10-8-6h8-6|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|make sure you listen to the song and follow with it.
Verse 2(0:41)e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|--------------3---8-----| x2 (last 2 chords, strum)D|-8-x-5-x-3-x--3---8-----|A|-8-x-5-x-3-x--1---6-----|E|-6-x-3-x-1-x------------|listen to the song for the strumming and mute alternative pattern. It's too much to tab out.
Solo (1:22)e|---6--3--5-6/8/10--6--6-8-10-6----6-8-10/11-10-8-6--------------3-5-6--/13----|B|---------------------------------------------------8-6-4-3--------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
LYRICS from; Well the streets can't get much darker As I step into my car driving east I'm trying to calm myself until I know where you are Cause my mind makes up excuses or you say that's what I do because it's taken me too long to know It's time I need with you And this is the last time I look before I leap I confess, I'm a mess when you leave why'd you leave? And these days pass but I still haven't slept at all And I'm terrified to call You can't forget me. We promised not to change but then we grew up but not too fast. We lived a lifetime in a week before you left but I'm still stuck here and all I have left are those nights in your bed with my hand slipping further up your dress then you stopped me but it's cute because you do it so smooth And I seem to recall several nights spent In the back of your car you said, 'I want you to know my body's burning for yours' or those days spent drinking with nothing to do except get lost in the moment as I slowly undress you. And I'll pretend that you're here and you're not gone. It's not the end if you were here and you're not gone
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