Ida Maria – Louie I Know Im Always Drunk tab

Louie by Ida Maria

Tabbed by: suicide baby

This is a brilliant song by a brilliant (and really rather pretty) girl who I only 
recently because of a friend. As someone else has already

I’m not sure about the first three chords (particularly the second one) but I’m fairly 
the rest are right! Email me with any suggestions if you’re better at this than me…


Listen to it for the strumming pattern but the chords are:


G ? C/B C Em Ame|-0-----x-----0-----0-----0-----0--| x 4B|-1-----x-----1-----1-----0-----1--|G|-0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----2--|D|-0-----0-----2-----2-----2-----2--|A|-2-----3-----2-----3-----2-----0--|E|-3-----2-----x-----x-----0-----x--|
D Am D Am De|-2-----0-----2-----0-----2--|B|-3-----1-----3-----1-----3--|G|-2-----2-----2-----2-----2--|D|-0-----2-----0-----2-----0--|A|-x-----0-----x-----0-----x--|E|-x-----x-----x-----x-----x--|
Enjoy!!! Ida Maria
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