Idlewild – All This Information tab

Artist:  Idlewild
Song:    All This Information, 
Tabbed by: Graeme

B-side to you held the world in your arms, CD1

You'll have to listen to the CD for rhythm etc

Standard tuning

Chords ? A5 B5 C#5 E5 C#/B5 G#5e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|-----4----6----9---4-------|D|-7---4----6----9---4----6--|A|-7---2----4----7---4----6--|E|-5----------------------4--|
Intro/Verse Let ring throughout
Pre-Chorus |A5 |C#5 |B5 |B5 | Chorus |E5 |A5 |G#5 |A5 | Interlude Just apergio through an E barre chord |E5~ |
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