Idlewild – In Remote Partscottish Fiction tab

Tabbed by: dru loves biffy

Tuning: Standard

Chords: D#m      668876
        C#           446664
        Bsus2    224422
        F#           244322

Verse 1 Gtr.1 x6e|-----------------------------||B|----7-----6-----4-6-6h7p6-6--||G|---8-----6-----4---------8---||D|-----------------------------||A|-6---6--4--4--2--------------||E|-----------------------------||
Gtr.2 x6e|---------------------------||B|---------------------------||G|---------------------------||D|-8----11----4-4-6-6h8p6-4-6|| last time add in a 4 after the last 6A|---------------------------||E|---------------------------||
Pre Chorus Gtr.1 x2e|-------------||B|----11-11-9--||G|--11-------11||D|-------------||A|-9----9--9---||E|-------------||
Chorus Gtr.1 x4e|------------------||B|----11--7---------||G|--11---8---8-8-6--||D|----------9-----9-||A|-9----6-----------||E|---------7--7-7---|| last time end on the 7
Gtr.2 x4e|-4/6-4-2-4/6-4-2—-4/6-4-2-4/6-4-2-4-||B|------------------------------------||G|------------------------------------||D|------------------------------------||A|------------------------------------||E|------------------------------------||
Then play verse again, then back the pre chorus and the chorus, play the chorus 6 times of 4 adding the Ab on the B string, on guitar one, at the end (listen to track). The last part of the song is a bit different. I’ll tab the lead part and give the chords the rhythm. Gtr.1 (chords) D#m C# Bsus2 (over the lead) x13 Gtr.2 x7 e|----------------------------------------------||
B|11111111/12/14-14141414/16161616\11|| Stops dead on the last noteG|-----------------------------------||D|-----------------------------------||A|-----------------------------------||E|-----------------------------------||
The piano then plays; D#m F# Bsus2 Verse. In the beginning, there were answers Then they came along and changed All these questions and their answers seem to change Chorus. So I'll wait until I find the remote part of your heart Nowhere else will let us choose a comfortable start Verse. We stop in every passing place To watch the world move faster than we do Watch it pass with our eyes closed the way we usually choose to Chorus. So I'll wait until I find the remote part of your heart When no where else will let us choose a comfortable start And even if the breath between us smells of alcohol Call it confusion in the best way possible (SCOTTISH FICTION) It isn't in the mirror, it isn't on the page It's a red hearted vibration Pushing through the walls of dark imagination Finding no equation There's a red road rage, But it's not road rage It's asylum seekers engulfed by a grudge Scottish friction, Scottish fiction It isn't in the castle, it isn't in the mist It's a calling of the waters as they break to show The new black death with reactors aglow Do you think your security will keep you in purity You will not shake us off Above or below Scottish friction, Scottish fiction That’s it. This is my first proper tab so please make comments. Thanks. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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