Iggy Pop – Cry For Love chords

I was very surprised when I looked up here and saw there was no tab for Iggy's "Cry For 
Love", so I decided to post it here :)

The song is vey simple, just two chords. It's only Am and F.

It goes like this:

Am FStatus seekers I never cared
Am FOnce I found out they never dared
Am FTo seize the world and shake it upside down
Am FAnd every stinking bum should wear a crown
AmSayin' I cry for love
FTill all the plates are broken
AmCry for love
FUntil my eyes are soakin'
AmYeah I cry for love
FOh every sammy morning
AmYeah I cry for love
F'cause imitation's boring
AmCry for love
It's the same structure for the other verse and chorus. And the little string riff that goes after the chorus is this:
Well, that's it. Hope you enjoy it.
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