Heart Of Stone chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Iko - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Iko – Heart Of Stone chords ver. 2


Sorry for the long introduction ;) I tried someone else's chords from this
site but to be honest they are not that close, so I used them as a base and
tried to correct them. These are by no means perfect but at least now the
basic chords are correct to how it sounds on the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part
2 soundtrack, and you can tweak to your liking. I made a lot of small
adjustments after I first submitted this, to make it as accurate as possible.

Please use the chord notations below so it sounds right, I'm sorry if
they're not named properly, I welcome corrections as to what the "proper"
chord names are, I could not find a list of chords from this particular site.

Keep in mind this song is performed on piano. Pay attention to what parts of
the chord should be emphasized if you are strumming it and want it to sound
more like the piano.

And these lyrics are correct (compared to the other version on this site),
they are from the artist's official website:

You can contact me on Ultimate-Guitar.com through my profile (Relight)
and feel free to send comments or to request chords.

==Chords Used==

Am7   [002010]
Am7/G [002013]
Am7/G [302010] - use this one in chorus
C6    [033210]
C6/F  [133210]
G2    [320033]
G     [320003]
Am7/D [002030]
F     [003211]

==Heart Of Stone by Iko from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack==

Standard Tuning, Capo 1


Am7 Am7/G C6
Am7 Am7/G C6/F

Verse 1:

Am7 Am7/G C6 Can you keep a secret?
Am7 Am7/G C6 Will it hold your hand
G2 Am7Among the flames?
Am7/G C6Honey you're a shipwreck
Am7 G C6 C GWith your heart of stone
Verse 2:
Am7 Am7/G C6 Can I get a witness
Am7 Am7/G C6 To the bruises and
G2 Am7The wasted tears?
Am7/G C6You could dry a river
Am7 G C6 C GWith your heart of stone
Am7 G C6 C G2With your heart of stone
FI can breath, I can breath
Am7 - Am7/D - Am7 Am7/GWa - ter, wa - ter
FI can breath, I can breath
Am7 - Am7/D - Am7 Am7/GWa - ter, wa - ter
Chorus End:
Am7 G C6 C GWhen you're here with me
Am7 G C6 C G2You're not here with me
Verse 3:
Am7 Am7/G C6 Can I pry your fingers
Am7 Am7/G C6 From everything I--I,
G2 Am7I say and do?
Am7/G C6And I just can't forget you
Am7 G C6 C GAnd your heart of stone
Chorus x2 Chorus End x1
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