Iliketrains - The Beeching Report tab

Tabbed by: Yves Aguayo

An easy song, but such an amazing one. It has an slight acoustic guitar in certain 
of the song.


Chorus: Gm , C# , Fm , C (C7) Gm: 3x033x C#: x4666x Fm: 13311x C : x3201x C7: x3231x Is this the price we pay for progress? Taking one step forward for every six we take back Does your dirty oil-stained money make you happy Do you just wan't to be remembered? Book your place in history (you will be) Reform, reform Oh you are taking apart what we made With our hands and our hearts Our hands and our hearts are not just tools to ply your trade Theyre ours to live our lives with and you're taking them away So feel free to wrap your hands around my neck I feel free to do the same (feel free, surround your house with gates) Feel free to do the same Reform, reform Oh you are taking apart what we made With our hands and our hearts Mr Beeching I put it to you you're driving a stake through the land of our hands and our hearts further to this there is nothing you can say Reform Reform you are taking apart what we made with our hands and our hearts.
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