Ill Harmonics – Im An Emcee Baby tab

Artist: Ill Harmonics
Song: I'm An Emcee Baby!
Tabbed by:
Here it is, cool song, listen to the track as you play, not a very hard song.
I went ahead and did the lyrics also, since they aren't anywhere on the internet.

Intro (In the actual song you don't hear the E or A strings)

Gm + + Gm F#m Fm + + Fm F#mE|3-------33-------3-------3---2---|1-------11-------1-------1---2---|B|3----------3---3---3---3-3---2---|1----------1---1---1---1-1---2---|G|3------------3-------3---3---2---|1------------1-------1---1---2---|D|5------------------------5---4---|3------------------------3---4---|A|5------------------------5---4---|3------------------------3---4---|E|3------------------------3---2---|1------------------------1---2---|
Gm + + Gm F#m Am + Am + E|3-------33-------3-------3---2---|0-------00--------0---0---0---0--|B|3----------3---3---3---3-3---2---|1-----------1---1-1---2---3---3--|G|3------------3-------3---3---2---|2-------------2---2---3---4---4--|D|5------------------------5---4---|2-----------------2---3---4---4--|A|5------------------------5---4---|0-----------------0---0---0---0--|E|3------------------------3---2---|X-----------------X---X---X---X--|
Main Loop (Also sounds good with bar chords)
G + + + C + + + E|3-------33-------3-------3-3-----|0-------00-------0-------0-0-----|B|0----------0---0---0---0---------|1----------1---1---1---1---------|G|0------------0-------0-----------|0------------0-------0-----------|D|0--------------------------------|2--------------------------------|A|2--------------------------------|3--------------------------------|E|3--------------------------------|X--------------------------------|
G + + + Am + + + E|3-------33------3-------3-3-----|0-------00-------0---0---0---0----|B|0---------0---0---0---0---------|1----------1---1-1---2---3---3----|G|0-----------0-------0-----------|2------------2---2---3---4---4----|D|0-------------------------------|2----------------2---3---4---4----|A|2-------------------------------|0----------------0---0---0---0----|E|3-------------------------------|X----------------X---X---X---X----|
Lyrics (Intro) Ill harmonics and hip-hop sittin' in a tree Rockin' on a branch E-M-C double-E-I-N-G So first comes love and then comes freakin' a beat And then come kids runnin' rampid on a white paper sheet (Chorus) 'Cause I'm an emcee baby hand me a mic and I'll get loose I be runnin' quick around loops just like duck-duck goose And I'm a Christian baby Christ breathed life down deep within And I'm an emcee baby I flow like Nancy Carrigan (Verse 1) Yo I'm saved seekin' Christ like I seek metaphoric My quotes will be taught 'cuz I sought for historic Now optimist rhyme will achieve trnsformin' El nino emcee when I start brainstormin' And swarmin' like last day plagues of the locusts Rejectin' mental cataracts with third eye focus On readin' eye charts a 20-20 freakazoid Creatin' mental pictures with linguistic poloroids Fillin' voids with kit-kat and stand hallucinations Marchin' in parades of harmonic affirmations With demonstrations a microphone biologist Analyze and use of rhythm like a physiologist So lie on this couch kick ya feet up relax In the beat tabernacle we spackled the cracks With facts never swingin' theories 'cause we sure As much as we're saved we're emcees to the core 'Cause we're saved (Chorus) And imma emcee baby gettin' ill with guitar on strings of six 'Cuase I'm a microphone fiend fulfillin the dream with melodic guitar picks And I'm a Christian baby Christ spoke life into my brain And I'm a fat sack baby I flow like Noah after rain 'Cause man I'm saved (Verse 2) Now when it comes to the priorities of my titles I stand up on a stage at my rhyme school recital Deliverin' the statement I'm a Christian number one An emcee number two and the fun has just begun Not only Bible Scriptures on my raps do I emote Been known to paint a track and apply a second coat Or baby I scat across the track like Sammie Davis While coolin' at the diner wonderin' when he'll come and save us I even pluck a bass and guitars my next up gift Sharpening my trade so I am all things to all men And like Apostle Paul I was blinded by the light Of Christ through rhymes and rhythm so the blind could see what's right And the deaf could hear the frequencies of thumps Of crummy beats and cannon shootin' off creative lumps All of this to show the wilderness we brave Though rocky it once the way He paved Oh yeah and I'm saved (Chorus) And imma emcee baby I speak rhymes on top of beats I sailed the seven seas destroying all wack fleets And I'm a Christian honey I speak words that my God spoke And I'm an emcee Sandy and I think your really dope Because your saved (Verse 3) We define with rhyme like pan amine illustration Waxed in a beat of our lips elevation And conversation getting' coins for discussion And freakin' of a 4-4 time that percussion For rushin' to the top like carbonation Bubble in ya mental fa dental elation Sanitation is the goal for ya mind Imagination for the third eye blind And find that we set the pace for the movin' With paragraph like phonograph under groovin' needles Instead of amplified record static Emcees elevate thinkin' high like an attic Nomadic so homeless is our vocal tone Searchin' for rest on an open microphone So the lone Playdough and Blake Knight can prevail So wanna' see a rhythm of words set sail 'Cause we're saved (Chorus) 'Cause we're emcees Gabby and we show kids howta rock We leave them mental scar like a mump or chicken pock And we're Christians Sally through the Resurrected One And we shine our rhymes just like the sun 'Cause we're emcees homie and we rip mics doww to their knees We're just like UPS we drop rhymes off C.O.D. And we're Christians Lucy yes on Christ we do rely And we're honkys Billy but we supa dupa fly 'Cause we're saved...
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