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Imagine Dragons – Underdog chords

Underdog tab

(the tab would be easier with a Capo on 5, but the chords are with no Capo)

e|-------------75--75-----------------75--10-7-5--------------------------|B|-88855-------8---8--888555-------8--------------------------------------|G|---------77----------------------77-------------------------------------| x2D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G DEarly morning take me over
EmFather, father, father
CTake me to the top
G DEarly morning wake me up
EmFather, father, father
CThis is not enough
Chorus x2
G DHey, that sounds like my luck
EmI get the short end of it
COh I love to be
GI love to be the underdog
G DEarly evening settle down
EmFather, father, father
CWho am I to blame?
G DEarly evening hush me over
EmFather, father, father
CAre we just the same?
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