Imelda May - Proud And Humble chords


G (intro + verse)

G I said Lord here's the total of what I done
Sometimes I did good, sometimes I done wrong But I did the best I could from where I come from And I'll keep on tryin' till my day is done
G BbAnd so I'm proud and humble, humble and proud
C GYeah, I'm proud and humble, humble and proud
G Bb D7I'll be proud and humble, humble and proud when I come
GYeah, when I'm done
Oh, I made the most from what I knew then But if I lived it over I'd do the same again I try, I try for You to please But You know I'm only human, You created me CHORUS Well I'm humbled by You and thankful oh Lord I studied Your life and Your holy word But I hold my head just a little high 'Cos I'm proud that I got on with this given life CHORUS x2
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