Immanu El – Under Your Wings Ill Hide chords

Under Your Wings I'll Hide is not the ideal song for a lone guitar, when so much 
happening at the same time. But this could be used as a good start for you who like to improvise.
    There is a melody in the chord A with A, Asus, Asus2, A. But you would need to 
listen to the song to make it easier for you.
( )
 Good luck!


A A9 A Asus AFire haunts us, holds us now.
A Asus2 A Asus ABright eyes still, hides us, takes us now.
AStill spins us wild
A* Improvise through the chord. A E F#m
D E F#m A Sweet voice calls us
D E F#m A (Asus
Asus2 Asus A)When black face chase us
F#m E
DCome to me, hide in me
F#m E Run into this
D AStorms fear us here
A* F#m E D (/A) x2
F#m E D /AHaunts us, holds us now.
F#m E DBreaks us, takes us now.
A F#m E
D F#m E White tears call us.
DWith fire, holds us down.
A A*They take us now
A (/B /C# /D /E /D
/C# /B /A)Under your wings I'll hide x2
A It's a bit messy at the end of the song. But the base-tones in the parentheses is a tip if you want something to happen at the end...
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