Immortal Technique – Dominant Species tab

so for those immortal technique fans, here's an easy tab for an awesome song. can be 
on bass/guitar. Depending on your guitar you might want to move the all frets up; so that 
mean 6,6,6,  8,  6,5,5,5

Main beat: Bass/Guitar 1e|----------------------- |-------------------------------------|B|----------------------- |-------------------------------------|G|----------------------- |-------------------------------------| whole songD|---------7------------- |--9--7--9-------8--9--7--------------|A|----------------------- |-------------------------------------|E|--5-5-5-----5--4-4-4--- |-------------------------------------|
the split right here ^ , is where the guitarist enters now this sounds correct on my guitar but u might need to heighten the scales one fret to correct. these are the only notes needed for this song. enjoi.
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