Impaled Nazarene – Vitutation tab

		            Impaled Nazarene
                         from the album Rapture

Tabbed by Ilkka Viinikanoja

Bass intro, play 4 times|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------||--0--0--6--6--3-3-3--6--6----|
These are the chords, listen the rhythm from the record.|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||-2---8---5---8--7--8--5--8----||-2---8---5---8--7--8--5--8----||-0---6---3---6--5--6--3--6----|
The fill|---------------||---------------||---------------||--5--7--8--7---||--5--7--8--7---||--3--5--6--5---|
Chorus:Again there are just the chords and slides shown,listen the rhythm and how many times the chordsare played from the record.|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-2--5-/-7-\-5---------------------||-2--5-/-7-\-5---------------------||-0--3-/-5-\-3---------------------|
And walls close in|--------||--------||--------||-5--3---||-5--3---||-3--1---|
Agonized, beaten up This feeling ain't just giving up Vomited up to twenty times Coming back these fucked up times This is Vitutation Total Fucking > Vitutation Beloved And walls close in This is Vitutation Superb Perkeleen > Vitutation Cursed And walls close in Waking up, shaking fuck I feel I have been buttfucked I look at the mirror and it screams Go get fucked you fucking piece of shit This is Vitutation Fucking Hyped up > Vitutation Warming And walls close in This is Vitutation Saatanan Vitun > Vitutation Grandious And walls close in Ei Helevetti! -Ilkka Viinikanoja
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