Imperial Teen - Butch tab

Imperial Teen
Tabbed by Robert Tabb

I've got the intro to Butch figured out finally
I'm still working on the rest of it.

E G# A E G# A F#e|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|--1--1--1--5---6---1--1--1--5---6---3---3--3--3--|D|--2--2--2--6---7---2--2--2--6---7---4---4--4--4--|A|--2--2--2--6---7---2--2--2--6---7---4---4--4--4--|E|--0--0--0--4---5---0--0--0--4---5---2---2--2--2--|
The verse is really simple: E You eat your heart out, I'd eat it too A It burns and blisters, you want it to E I never swallow, I chew I chew A The darker berry, spit back at you E A you can't take what I won't need it E A Takes too long to hear you scream it [I'm a little unsure about the chorus still] A5 F#5 He was a troubled teen He read a magazine The prince wants to be a queen E5 Suddenly! [all the other verses are the same. The Whole song is basically E + A over and over again Just in different ways. That's really all there is to know. If you have any corrections or comments then e-mail me or message me at my site: BYE BYE!
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