Impressions – Youve Been Cheating tab

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:09 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./i/impressions/youve_been_cheatin.crd

Chi-town does Motown in this curious battle between Chicago horns and
Detroit strings.  I guess the arranger (probably Johnny Pate) couldn't
decide between Chicago backbeats (one-and-TWO-and-three-AND-four-AND)
vs. Motown backbeats (one-TWO-three-FOUR), so he left them out... play
along with the record and let me know which you prefer.  -- AWR

                         "You've Been Cheatin'"
                           (Curtis Mayfield)

Intro [4X]:

	bass doubled by guitar (2 octaves higher):
	[piano and tambourine enter 2nd time;
	 strings and horns enter 3rd time]

(Db) (Ebm) v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -4-----4---4-----|-6-----6---6-----| ---4-6-------4-6-|---4-6-------4-6-|
Verse 1: Db Ebm [1: I've been 2: So I'm] trying hard to forget Db Ebm That you've been cheating Db Ebm Wishin' you I'd never met Db Ebm 'Cause you've been cheating Chorus: Bbm Can't you know lies can be seen in your eyes Gb Fm Ebm And from wrong you'll never be free Db Ebm While you sit cryin', you've been lyin' (Db) You've been cheatin', cheatin' on me [repeat intro riff 2X, w/strings] Verse 2: Yeah, you made me suspect and I know (who-who) You don't want me (you don't want me) Cookies crumble, and that's how it goes (who-who) You don't want me (you don't want me) [repeat chorus] [repeat intro riff 2X, w/strings] Bridge: Db Ebm7 Another lover you discover Fm7 Gbmaj7 Ebm7 Our love's gone and I don't know why Db Ebm7 It's just as well, though at last I do know Eb7 Ab7 All you said was just a lie [repeat intro riff 2X, w/strings (horns enter 2nd time)] [repeat verse 1] [repeat chorus] Coda (riff and chords as per intro): Db Ebm Ooh, ooh, baby (you've been cheating) You must not love me (you've been cheating) You must not want me (you've been cheating) You just don't care [fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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