In Flames – Dawn Of A New Day tab

I put 2 ways to play it cuase it took me a while to learn how to move chords pretty
quick, and especially wiht this song. So i put an easy way and a hard way. If you're a
good player then u may be able to afford the skill to play it this way, Make sure you DO
NOT play the strings that are "X"ed or else it sounds WAY off...

Harder, More accurate way|---x--x--x----x--x--x---x----------------------------||---4--x--x----4--x--x---x----------------------------||---5--5--7----5--3--4--5-----------------------------||---5--6--8----5--5--6--8-----------------------------||---3--6--8----3--5--6--8-----------------------------||---x--4--6----x--3--4--6-----------------------------| 1 1A 1A 1 1A 1A 2 * SEE BELOW
Easier, More fundamental way (stil sounds good I promise)|--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||--10---6---8-----10---5---3---6-------------------||--10---6---8-----10---5---3---6-------------------||---8---4---6------8---3---1---4-------------------| 1 1A 1A 1 1A 1A 2 *SEE BELOW
Strumming Pattern.. Its hard to get at first...but heres how it goes. (d=down strum strum.... just checking)The strumming pattern kina reminds me of something youd find at Kentucky Derby.
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