Incantation - Abolishment Of Immaculate Serenity tab

Artist: Incantation
Title: "Abolishment of Immaculate Serenity"
Album: "Upon the Throne of Apocalypse"

Tabbed By: Gus Carrillo

   Riff 1                                 Fill 1
 II----------------------------------I    ------II
 II----------------------------------I    ------II
 II----------------------------------I    ------II
 II----------------------------------I    --4---II
 II----------------------------------I    --4---II
 II--2---5--4~----2-4-3-0----0-5-4---I    --2---II
Riff 2 Fill 2 II-----------------------------I ------II II-----------------------------I ------II II-----------------------------I ------II II--4--3-2---8-7-6---9-8-2-----I --2---II II--4--3-2---8-7-6---9-8-2-----I --2---II II--2--1-0---6-5-4---7-6-0-----I --0---II
Riff 3A Riff 3B II--------------------I II--------------------I II--------------------I II--------------------I II--------------------I II--------------------I II----------------2---I II----------------2---I II----------------2---I II--3--2--3-2-1-2-2---I II--3--2--3-2-1-2-0---I II--4--3--4-3-2-3-0---I
Riff 4A Riff 4B II---------------------I II--------------------I II---------------------I II--------------------I II---------------------I II--------------------I II--5-4----------------I II--5-4-3-4-3-4-3-2---I II--5-4----------------I II--5-4-3-4-3-4-3-2---I II--3-2--3-2-1-2-1-0---I II--3-2-1-2-1-2-1-0---I
Fill 3 --------II --------II --------II --5\4---II --5\4---II --3\2---II
Riff 5 II----------------------------------------I II----------------------------------------I II----------------------------------------I II-------3----2------4-3----6-5-7-6-4-3---I II-------3----2------4-3----6-5-7-6-4-3---I II--0000-1-00-0-0000-2-1-00-4-3-5-4-2-1---I .... .. .... ..
Riff 6A Riff 6B II-----------------------I II-----------------------I II-----------------------I II-----------------------I II--------------*--------I II.........trem..........I II--4-7-6-2---4-3-*--3---I II--------------3--------I II--2-5-4-0---2---4--3---I II--2-5-4-0---2---4------I II-------------------1---I II------------------1----I _____________________________________________________________ Riff 1 3X [2nd Guitar plays Fill 1 after 2nd time] Riff 2 2X with lyrics... intertwining miserableness consuming grace, now darkening Fill 2 1X Riff 2 2X with lyrics... ever dimming light of holiness forever now extinguished Fill 2 1X Fill 1 1X Riff 3A 1X Riff 3B 1X Riff 3A 1X Riff 3B 1X Riff 4A 4X Riff 4B 4X with lyrics abomination, infesting & molding realms obscure Riff 4A 4X (...obscure...) Riff 4B 4X with lyrics fly forbidden scapes ...of perpetual rapture Fill 2 1X Riff 3A 1X Riff 3B 1X Fill 3 1X Riff 5 8X on 5th, lyrics come in absorb...within...mesmorizing pain... Fill 2 1X Riff 6A & 6B played till end.... _______________________________________________________ please send any corrections to:
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