Incredible String Band – October Song chords

Hi there, this song is originally played in Open D tunning. There's a TAB 
version arround if you want to play it that way. I submit this version for 
people who would like to play the song in standard tunning or with other 
instruments. Just pick arround the chords, it sound great. 

D G DI'll sing you this October song,
A7 DOh, there is no song before it.
G DThe words and tune are none of my own,
A7 DFor my joys and sorrows bore it.
D GBeside the sea
D A7 DThe brambly briars in the still of evening,
G DBirds fly out behind the sun,
A7 DAnd with them I'll leaving.
(The chord structure repites on every verse) The fallen leaves that jewel the ground, They know the art of dying, And leave with joy their glad gold hearts, In the scarlet shadows lying. When hunger calls my footsteps home, The morning follows after, I swim the seas within my mind, And the pine-trees laugh green laughter. I used to search for happiness, And I used to follow pleasure, But I found a door behind my mind, And that's the greatest treasure. For rulers like to lay down laws, And rebels like to break them, And the poor priests like to walk in chains, And God likes to forsake the. I met a man whose name was Time, And he said, "I must be goin," But just how long ago that was, I have no way of knowing. Sometimes I want to murder time, Sometimes when my heart's aching, But mostly I just stroll along, The path that he is taking. I personally recommend the Corries's version for a more structured way to play this song, look it up.
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