Incubus – Privilege tab

This is just standard tuning,and i play it with a power chord all the way through,here you go.I just play it on e,a,and d cause thats all u need,i hope u can understand it!

intro (quiet)d) 7 7 5a)8-6-5-8-8-6-5-8-6-5-8-8-6e)6-4- 6-6-4-3-6-4 6-6-4 X4 then the band comes in and does the same thing.
singing starts singing - (find yourself a backdoor) a)8-6-8-6-8-6-8-6-8-8-9 - 5 5 5 }this continues till the chorus e)6-4-6-4-6-4-6-4-6-6-7 -pm6 pm6 pm6 chorus is sorta the same as the intro,just abit different.
d) 7 8-8-8-4a)8-6-5-8-8-6-5-6-6-6-6-6e)6-4 6-6-4-3-4-
next bit of chorus
d) 7a)8-6-5-8-8-6-5-6-4s4s4e)6-4- 6-6-4-3-4-2s2s2
the song goes like that all the way through,and if you have any problems figure it out it aint hard! anyway this is my fisrt time ive ever done this so yeah its probaly wrong,but if youre abig incubus fan youll understand where im coming from. anyone wants to mail (im waiting for complaints)lol
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