Incubus – Just A Phase tab ver. 2

INTROI am 900% POSITIVE that this is the correct intro for the song, but you'll have to listen to the CD for the strumming pattern sorry I'm too busy correcting what was already on here.-------------------------------------0---0---0--0--0--0--0-------------------------------------0---0---0--0--0--0--0---------0---6---4-------0-----------11--11--1--11-1--4--3-------5---0---7---5-------0-------0-----0---2--0--2--5--4---4-5---------------5s7-----0---9-------9---2--9--2--5--40h5----------------------------7---------7---0--7--0--3--2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rpt this 4 times~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~then strum the other chords~~
VERSEOk the verse is easiest when your E minor is played real awkwardlyi=index m=middle r=ring p=pinkyE minor ---|---|--- ---|---|------|---|--- ---|---|----i-|---|--- it should be -i-|---|------|-r-|--- played like this ---|-m-|------|-m-|--- for this song tho ---|-r-|------|---|--- ---|---|---
------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------1-----------0------------------------
------------------------6---------then back to -------6------6-- above-----6--------6-----4--------6--------------4------
CHORUS OK people don't go off and get all mad at me for this, but I kinda forgot how to play the chorus, you know where Brandon Boyd's all like "whooooooo arrrrrreee yoooouuuuuu" yea well the other tab on this site has how to play that although i dont know how well you can trust it seein as how everything else is wrong
ITS JUST A.....RIFFthis part starts real soft and muffled then it goes back into the Verse riff the first time, but the the second time is when the distorted heavy part kicks in------------------------------ -------------------------------5-5---------------------------5-5--6-6--2-2--7-7--5-5-5-----3-3--6-6--2-2--7-7--5-5-5----------4-4--0-0--5-5--3-3-3----
Thats all I got for now, but if you give me about a week I know I'll have the rest. For now just keep on jammin and listenin to you INCUBUS cuz they kick ass!
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