Incubus - Thieves tab version 1

Artist: Incubus
Song: Thieves
Album: If Not Now, When?
Tabbed by: Nollemaster

Intro/Chorus riff

Continued main riff. This section is also repeated during the chorus. (Mentioned as 'Main Riff ending' in the playing order below)
==== Solo ====
2:42 2:50E|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|---------6h8-6----------6-6h8-6-|G|------7-------------7---------------|------7-------------------------|D|-8--8---8-5-8--8--8---8-5-8-5p3-5-0-|8--8---8-------5p3-5-0----------|A|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|
2:54 2:58E|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|-7-5-8-8-7---------7----------------|-6------------------------------|G|-----------7-8-7-8---8--------------|----7-5---5---------------------|D|------------------------------------|--------8---8-7-8-7-7-5---------|A|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|
Optional: During live versions of this song, when the keyboard clock-like rythm kicks in again during the end, Mike mutes the strings and slaps the strings with his picking hand to mimick the ticking sound. Legend | / slide up | | h hammer-on | | p pull-off | | ~ vibrato | | () Optional Note | ============= About the tab ============= I think the main riff is about 95% correct. I've seen multiple vids of Incubus playing this song live. I'm not so sure about the vibrato's though, I play an accoustic guitar and I can't really tell if they are correct since I can't use distortion. In the verse Mike plays a couple of distorted notes, this part was too hard for me to tab on my accoustic. It can be neglected since the verse is practically dominated by the bass guitar and drums. The solo actually consists of multiple guitar tracks playing simultaneously and possibly a keyboard. I adapted it for one guitar so that means it's not 100% correct but it plays along with the song really well. Also, I couldn't help but mention that the main riff resembles some sort of police car siren. I found that pretty funny since this song is literally about thieves. ============= Playing Order ============= [intro] Main riff x1 [Chorus 1] Main riff x2 [Chorus 2] Main Riff x2 Repeat main riff ending x1 [Solo] [Chorus 3] Main Riff x3 Repeat main riff ending x2 Have fun playing!
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