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Indecisive – Empty Decorations tab

This is more or less what I heard when I tried tabbing this very poetic song. I
know that it still has some loopholes but it sounds pretty darn close to me.
That's good enough if all you want to do is to play it at campfires or sleepovers.

Indecisive - Empty Decorations (Theme from 'Kopitiam', short TV version)
Written by Douglas Lim
Absent mindedly tabbed by reblchick 

Standard Tuning
Note: There are some parts where a C2 would sound better than a C, etc. But really,
it's up to you however you want to decorate the song.

D     -  xx0232
C     -  032010
C2    -  032030
Cmaj7 -  032000
Csus  -  032033
Em    -  022100
G     -  320033 / 320003

Intro and Verse 1(slow): D D C2 D C2e|-------|-------3-2-------|-----------------|-------3-2-------|-----------------|b|-3--3--|-----3-----3-----|---------3-------|-----3-----3---3-|---------3-------|g|-2-----|---2---------2---|-------0---------|---2---------2---|-------0---------|d|-0-----|-0---------------|-----2-----------|-0---------------|-----2-----------|a|-0-----|-----------------|---3-------------|-----------------|---3-------------|E|-------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| I wake in the dark...
D C2 C! Csus!e|-------3-2-------|-----------------|----------------||b|-----3-----3-----|---------3-------|--1--3----------||g|---2---------2---|-------0---------|--0--0----------||d|-0---------------|-----2-----------|--2--2----------||a|-----------------|---3-------------|--3--3----------||E|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|| ...brings me
I wake in the dark With showers of life Moments of emptiness around Floating away No other hope Reality brings me Verse 2(fast): G Into the ground D What can I do C What can I say D C Cmaj7 G I need a place to hide away D C Just for a while, just for a smile D C Cmaj7 G Just for a life I used to know Verse 3(slow): G D The perfect song were filled with D Em Words of love and not with anger G What if they go D C G! What if they leave me far behind Verse 4(fast): N.C. G D 'Cause I don't wanna be alone.. (uh oh) C D Living life for on my own (uh oh) G I don't want to live my life in isolation D Filled with empty decorations C D 'Cause I want to be with people that I know G D Who would do the things I do (uh oh) C D Making all my dreams come true (uh oh) G I don't recognize the shadows at my door D Though I've seen them all before C D!D! Because the only thing I really want.. N.C. Is to be with you.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments, corrections and criticism welcomed. Email me at
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