India Arie – Beautiful tab

This is a great song and I noticed I couldn't find tabs for it anywhere...this is my
first tab and i think it sounds right..if you have any mistakes just email me
Standard Tuning, listen for strumming pattern
Chords used-
D  C  G  C x4     G  C
Verse 1
       D         Esus
The time is right
                G                       C
I'm gonna pack my bags
         D             Esus                 G          C
And take that journey down the road
          D              Esus                    G                           C
Cause over the mountain I see the bright sun shining
           D          Esus               G        C          G        C
And I want to live inside the glow

             Dm         Esus                 G                   Esus
I wanna go to a place where I am nothing and everything
           Dm               Esus             G          Esus
That exists between here and nowhere
Dm                    Esus             G                                     Esus
I wanna go to a place where time has no consequences Oh yeah
     Dm         Esus       G    Esus     G       Esus
The sky opens to my prayers                    I wanna go to
e---0---0-----0---0----0-----0-----------|b-----6----6----6---6-----6-----6--------|g----------------------------------------| thoughout whole chorus, not sure exactly howD----------------------------------------| many times, then go to end part of chorusA----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
I wanna go to beautiful beautiful, beautiful x4e--------0---5----------------|b---3-----------2-------------|g-----------------------------| (end part)D-----------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
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