Indigo Girls – Cold As Ice chords

COLD AS ICE  (Amy Ray - Lead vocalist)
-----------  (Emily Saliers - Back Vocalist)

This is a pretty easy and very cool song from the Indigoes!
 it's from the 1986 EP. one of the very first recordings from Amy & Emily.
about the chords you just have to go through all the song with those same chords :
 Emajor, Amajor and Dsus4 or whatever it is. anyway the tab
for that last one is x00230. practically is a D chord without tapping
the High E string. you can also alternate Dsus4 with Dsus2 and D chords.
but the more correct one is Dsus4. Enjoy!!!

A E Dsus2 AI don't think you understand ooh
E Dsus2 (go on all this way out for the rest of the song) The rhythm of my heart There's a strong line to mind and soul And I feel it tearing apart. I've been searching for new words To tell you in a different way... When I told you I'd hang on forever, I threw my choice away... Chorus: and it's
E Dsus2 E Dsus2It's cold as ice, I can't let go
E Dsus2 A E Dsus2 It's cold as ice, but I need your loooooove.
And I wish I could have been the first one Oh, to walk out the door, But the more I find myself to blame, The less there is to come back for. You wish you could have been the last one To tell me how you really feel. When you closed the door, oh, deep inside my heart It still seemed so sincere. Chorus If there's a message to this madness Well it still seems quite unclear... If I really need to save myself, Why can't I just walk out of here??? There's a message in your eyes And you make it perfectly plain, Either I leave your heart behind Or crack beneath this freezing rain. Chorus
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