Indigo Girls – Damo chords

I have to point out that the lyric is incomplete and probably full of mistakes...
the words in this song are barely understandable...
anyway whoever wants to send me corrections or whatever can do it on my e-mail  
('d be so grateful about that...

despite the strumming, which is kinda hard,  the chords and the song in general are
pretty easy...standard capo...

(when the indigoes play this song live there's just one guitar, fingerpicked by Emily,
a mandolin strummed by Amy, the violin and the  irish flute...)

Doh the boys of Dublin ?
Acome to hear their box of sins
Bmto tell the stories of their street
Gto quill their suffering
Dthey say let me go another round
Aand never take it laying down
Bmcause in my heart i know
Gi'm strong enough to grow
Ayeah Damo sings another song
Gall the sons of ?
Aall the daughters of ?
GDamo sings a song of Love
Bm G DDamo sings a song of love
and i do i know our violin except what made it here through the ports and through the hill a whistle and a jade they worked the fields, they worked the wheels and sang songs of slaves to keep the change from binding on to keep their bodies grave yeah Damo sings another song all the sons of ? all the daughters of ? road Damo sings a song of Love Damo sings a song of love
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