Indigo Girls – Rise Up chords

RISE UP (E. Saliers)

st. tuning, no capo.

C D F Bb C G....(x1)

CDog at the window still
Dlooks all day never gets her fill
F BbCause a glance means a chance
C Gto break the birds out congregating
CI have seen a look like that
Dyou licked your chops from where you sat
F BbMake your kill for a thrill
C Gand you don't mind waiting
Dm FRise up your dead,
C Gthere's life in the old girl yet
Dm F C GRise up your dead
C When it bums you out,
Dall the hunters sprung to pounce
F BbAnd at best it's a mess
C Glike a nest infested
You remember there's more than this There always was and always is Tend the artist in your charges, you are full invested chorus
Bb F CAnd if you need to, read your mindless mag
G Bb FCall me up for tickets, we'll go see sugarland
And it gets better even when it's been a drag Just move to the music, move your body to the band and Rise up! solo part chorus
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