Indigo Girls – Ozilline chords

Left handed
OZILLINE    (A. Ray)

strum a D chord before you start singing.

DOh Ozilline, the moon is almost full
GAnd you don't need a torch light
DTo see into these woods
DSister, bring the medicine
To keep you from decline,
GBut it's the waxing and the waning
DThat's always on your mind.
C G DOh Ozilline, I feel for you.
DAs soon as the corn's in,
The deer will come to feed.
GWhen the berry ripens,
DThe bird will come to eat.
DBuild by the river,
Its pretty but you'll pay,
G 'Cause the springtime brings the flood plain
DOr your cutbank washes away.
C G DOh Ozilline, I feel for you.
I had to put the dog down, Before I hit the road, I watched that sweet old life Become a bag of bones. When your body's broken And your heart wants to give in, And you hear that hoot owl callin' Just like she was a friend. Oh Ozilline, I feel for you.
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