Infernal – Electric Lights chords

Left handed
Am D F GPeople tell me im far too obseesed, but they don't
Am D F GUnderstand how it feels to be me, and i won't
F GBe told by others what i should'nt like
Am GI just feel right when i let myself go
A D F GIt can feel me with pride and excitement inside
A D F GSuch a thrill to be filled with the joy and delight
F GHow could anyone not feel the same?
Am GOh, they don't see...
F G AThat there is something on my mind
F G AIt is a world they leave behind
G EmAnd it will always draw me closer
A D I want electric light
F GThat flashes away
A D I want my heels sky high
F G I can't run away
F G AAnd I say uhh, ahh and baby come play
F G AAnd I know just why I wanna stay
G 'Cause on a disco night everything is all right
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