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			           Song For Amy
			Written and performed by Jack Ingram

Intro: G G/F# Am D Cadd9e|----3-3--3-3-----3-3--3-3-----0-0-----0-0--0-0----2-2--2-2-----3-3--3-3-|B|----3-3--3-3-----3-3--3-3-----1-1-----1-1--1-1----3-3--3-3-----3-3--3-3-|G|----0-0--0-0-----0-0--0-0-----2-2-----2-2--2-2----2-2--2-2-----0-0--0-0-|D|----0-0--0-0-----0-0--0-0-----2-2-----2-2--2-2--0-0-0--0-0-----2-2--2-2-|A|----2-2--2-2-----2-2--2-2---0-----2-3-----------------------3--3-3--3-3-|E|-3--3-3--3-3---2--------------------------------------------------------|
Verses: G G/F# Am My words they may sound familiar D Cadd9 G Like ones you may have heard before G G/F# Am When I tried to write you a love song D Cadd9 G I simply could think of nothing more Chorus: D Cadd9 G I love you, I want you and I need you D Cadd9 G I'd love to have you by my side D Cadd9 G I love you, I want you and I need you D Cadd9 G Your love gives my soul a place to hide Additional lyrics: I've thought of different ways to tell you Words however come up short Of the way I really feel about you Of the way you're always on my mind How can I say it any different? The words they all mean the same I love you, I want you and need you A rose is still a rose by another name The words of those who've come before me May have sparkled on the page and made you high All I know is the thought of life without you Is enough to make the strongest man cry Amy when I speak to you please listen Smile, laugh, or cry but don't walk away I love you, I want you, and I need you Please tell me that you feel the same My words, they may sound familiar Like ones you may have heard before But never were they said with such conviction I know they will ring true forever more ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To order Cd's, tapes, get booking info or add yourself to Jack Ingram's mailing list call 1-800-333-0766 or 214-696-0766 in Dallas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any additional comments or corrections are welcomed Craig Scrimpshire
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