Over The Rainbow chords with lyrics by Ingrid Michaelson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ingrid Michaelson – Over The Rainbow chords

B Somewhere over the rainbow
G#m up
F# high
There’s B A
E land that
Em I
B heard
G#m of
Once in a
B lullaby
Somewhere over
F# the
B rainbow
F# bluebirds fly
B so
G#m high
Birds fly
B over
E the
rainbow Why then,
G#m oh, why can’t
G I?
B Someday
G#m I’ll wish upon
B A star And wake up where
Fdim the
clouds Are
F# far behind me
Where troubles
B melt like lemon
Fdim drops
F# above the chimney tops
B That’s where
G#m you’ll find
F# me
Bmaj7 Somewhere
E over the rainbow
G#m The bluebirds
E fly so
G high
B Birds
E fly over the
F# rainbow
G#m Why
Fdim then, oh why can’t I?
A# then, oh
B why can’t I?
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