Inner Circle – Games People Play chords

ANa na na na na Na na na
E Na na na na na Na na na
D E AI'm talking 'bout you and me yeah and the games people play
AAll the games people play now
EEvery night and every day now
D ENever meaning what they say yeah
ANever saying what they mean
AFirst you whine away your hours
EIn your concrete towers
DSoon you'll be covered up in flowers
E Ain the back of a black limousine
APeople walking up to you
ESinging glory hallelujah
D EAnd they try to sock it to you ouo
Ain the name of the lord
AUoh oh oh
EUoh oh oh oh oh
AUoh oh oh Uoh oh oh
E -Uoh oh oh oh oh
Ouoh hoho uoho-oh --BRIDGE-- VERSE 2
AThen they teach you how to meditate
ERead your horoscope and change your faith
D EAnd furthermore to hell with hate, come on
Aand give me some more, and more, and more.
A First you're giving up your sanity
E D E Turn your back on humanity, yeah
AAnd you don't give a damn, a damn, a damn
--Uoh...-- --CHORUS(2x)--
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