Insane Clown Posse - Radio Stars tab

Author: KC

This Tab is only for the Alternative Part of the song

“Joey Fell In Love With A College Girl…..”e--------------------------------B--------------------------------G-1010-86-8-6---68---------------D-1010-86-8-6---68-10-1010-------A-8-8--64-6-4---46--8-8-8--------E-------------6------------------
Then e--------------------------------B--------------------------------G-1010-86-8-6---68---------------D-1010-86-8-6---68--6-66---------A-8-8--64-6-4---46--4-44---------E-------------6------------------
“I Can Put My Buddy Holly Glasses On”
e---------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------G-10---------8--------6--------8---------- (This Riff 2 Times)D-10---------8--------6--------8----------A--8—(x8)--6-(x8)--4-(x8)--6-(x8)---E--------------------------------------------
Then it goes back to the first riff Any corrections or anything please e-mail me at I’m 90% sure this tab is right
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