Inspiral Carpets - I Dont Want To Go Blind tab

from the album devil hopping i've not worked out all the fiddly guitar parts but heres 
main body of the song.
organ intro
I saw you wearing a veil, i saw you walking so slow, i've got a good idea,
I keep it to myself, I love you wasting my time, I'd have you wasting my time, I don't 
to go blind, I don't want to go blind, you know its got to be you,
C - F
nobody else will do, its everything that you are, I heard you talking so slow, I don't 
to go blind,
E          F                            E          F
Did anyone miss you when you were gone, Did anyone ask you where you were
      E          F                  E          C
from, Did anyone miss you miss you, Did anyone miss you
C - F
And now your face almost gone, I just can't see through this fog,
its ultra second hand dreams, returned to haunt you and me,
I don't want to go blind, I don't want to go blind,
Repeat Chorus
C - F until end
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