Interference – Cain And Able chords

This is based of Interference's live performance at Dingle. Enjoy.

B:1 G:0 D:0 A:2 E:3 Intro: F C G x4
FNaked men in the desert are feeding the peasants
CAnd watch out for Cain he comes down like the rain
G C maj9Abel's not able to eat from the table
GCause his throat got caught when Cain was using the razor
Cain is now a barber heavy into fashion And that Neolithic style is really all the rage 'Watch out for the Bible' cried the man inside a tower His mind was choked when the devil swung the rope
Am FWhy can't you see
Am FIt's not what I really wanted
Am G FJust you and me and what we believe
F C G x2 The feeling was growing like the flowers only faster When the flies took a trip on the ship to disaster By the time they came back the politician had the answer So the problem unsolved soon led to disaster Somebody blamed someone said we were responsible I couldn't take it said I broke the handle They came down really fast said 'Hey it's all over' But I was only joking and the handle's still broken Why can't you see It's not what I really wanted Just you and me and what do we believe And what do we believe
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