Interpol – Next Exit tab

Next Exit   by   Interpol

From Interpol's brilliant sophomore album Antics
Finally it'll be tabbed!!
This is as accurate as possible, and it sounds truthfully great etc.

Church synth/organ sound repeats throughout most:

C Am F G C Am F Ge ------------------------------------------------|b ----8~~~~10~~~~6~~~~8~~~~8~~~~10~~~~6~~~~8~~~~--|g ----9~~~~-9~~~~5~~~~7~~~~9~~~~-9~~~~5~~~~7~~~~--| ad nauseamd ------------------------------------------------|a ------------------------------------------------|e ------------------------------------------------|
C Am G F(or if you prefer)e -------------------------------| b ----8~~~~10~~~~10~~~~12~~~~----| g ----9~~~~-9~~~~10~~~~12~~~~----| obviously let ring d -------------------------------| a -------------------------------| e -------------------------------|The notes sound at the same time so fingerpick them at the same time withfirst and second fingers rather than using a pick, (get a smoother sound).
Guitar enters (0:24) just after vocal. (Slight distortion and sustain)
(C) (Am) (F) (G)organ underneath continues with abovee ---------------------------------------------------------------------|b ---------------------------------------------------------------------|g --5~~~~5~~/9~~~~9~~\5~~~~5~~/9~~~~9~~\5~~~~5~~/9~~~~9~~\5~~~~5~~\4~~~d ---------------------------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------------------------|e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Slide back into this progression and repeat: g ~4~~/5~~~~5~~/9 etc Play through completely x2 (Use can use octaves if playing by yourself)
Then:e -------------------------------|b -------------------------------|g -5~~~~5~~/9~~~~9~~\5~~~~5~~\4~~d -------------------------------|a -------------------------------|e -------------------------------|
Lead (1:20) x4
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|b -8/13~~~~12b(13)-12~~8-8~~8\6~~~~--6/8~~-----------------------------|g ---------------------------------5------7h8b(9)-7h8b(9)~~~~----------|d ---------------------------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------------------------|e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
It to me sooo long to get this bit, so I'll walk you perfectionists through some of it. strike the 12 whilst bending it up to 13, hold it for a sec, let it down silently then the 12 again, (So you don't strike it on the way down) // Hammer on from the 7 to the 8 then (without striking it again) bend slowly up to the 9, hold it; repeat this but the 2nd hold the note you've bent up from the 8th fret. Resume lead progression again at the bend on fret 12 for repeats.
Synth notes (2:06) (or)e ------------------------- e ------------------------| again pick bothb ------------------------- b ------------------------| notes @ onceg ------------------------- g --5~~~~9~~~~5~~~~4~~~~--|d ------------------------- d ------------------------|a --3~~~~7~~~~3~~~~2~~~~--- a --3~~~~7~~~~3~~~~2~~~~--|e ------------------------- e ------------------------|
Enter lush guitar (2:16): x4 (+ one last strike of the C)
C Am F Ge ---8~~~~8~~8~~~~8~~~8~~~~8~7~~~~~--|b ---8~~~~8~10~~~~10~10~~~10~8~~~~~--|g ---9~~~~9~~9~~~~9~~10~~~10~7~~~~~--|d --10~~~10~~7~~~~7~~10~~~10~9~~~~~--|a -----------------------------------|e -----------------------------------|
of course you can mix up the finger positions or not strike all the notes: C Am F F F G G G e --3--5--1--5--5--3--7------------------| b --5--5--1--6--6--3--8--10--------------|
e.g. g --5--5--2--5--5--4--7--10--------------| etc. d --5--7--3--3--7--5--5--10--------------| a ---------------------------------------| e ---------------------------------------|
while Paul sings the organ underneath plays these notes (2:40) (C) (Am) (F) (G)e -------------------------|b -------------------------| x2g --5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~~--|
Then the organ plays the churchish refrain from the start and verses(3:01) C Am F G Finishe ------------------------------------------------|b ----8~~~~10~~~~10~~~~12~~13~~15~~~~~~-----------|g ----9~~~~-9~~~~10~~~~12~~12~~12~~~~~~-----------|d ------------------------------------------------|a ------------------------------------------------|e ------------------------------------------------|
Next Exit We ain't goin' to the town We're goin' to the city We're gonna trek this s*** around And make this place a heart to be a part of Again We're going And we're gone So baby make it with me in preparation for tonight We've got so much to leave but that's not what makes this right We've been building up steam Ignited by the fight So, do this thing with me instead of Tying on a tight one tonight We ain't goin' to the town Transcribed by ear, all my own work. Lyrics from Interpol's official website; Good Luck (If you liked it check out Evil (ver 2) Tab also) Campbell
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