Into It Over It – Midnight Carroll Street chords

Am G F

Am G FSomewhere between caffeine and nicotine
F Am G FYou will find me unentertained and worn out
F G AmPressed to the steps beside my house
FIt's somewhere between upset and sick it seems
F Am G FTo still find me the finest quality of pure anxiety
FI'm searching for the solace to
Dm Amcall you out
Dm FTo call you at all
Am G FSo somewhere between midnight and Carroll Street
F Am G FI will find you a colder shoulder than I'm used to
F AmBending receivers just to hear the truth
G FI'm demanding some answers
Am G FI'm keeping up with double standards
Am G FI am between the words you're telling me
With a fine toothed comb
Am G FI'm drawing lines in hindsight
FUntil the stories start to line up right
Am G FThese details bent and broke us down
Am G FThe finest rivalry of our anxiety
FSearching for the courage to
Dm Amhear you out
Dm FTo hear you at all
F Am GSomewhere between single life and sympathy
F Dm Am FYou will find me
F Dm Am FYou will find me
F Dm Am FYou will find me
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