Introvoys – More Than A Friend chords

more than a friend- introvoys

natripan ko lang ang kanta.. narinig ko nong bata pa ko,

ganda kasi.. para sa mga drafting student WVCST at kay Arli

G C , G C/EbVerse
GLook into my eyes
C GAnd see the emptiness within
CI’m looking at you like a prize
G The kind i’d like to win.
Refrain 1
C GAnd though you’ve never asked me
C GJust what you mean to me
AmI have known you for so long
C DMy feelings can’t be wrong.
G – D CMore, more than a friend
C D GThat’s what you will always be to me
G – D CI will no longer pretend
C D GThere’s another side of me for you to see.
GWhile everyone’s asleep
C GI lie awake tonight
CI wish i had your photograph
GSomewhere within my sight.
Refrain 2
C GI want you to be near me
C GBe the apple of my eye
Am Remove this doubt that burdens me
C DSay there’s no other guy.
Repeat chorus AdlIB Repeat refrain 1 Repeat chorus 2x To play the last 2 chorus : tataas ng isang fret G# - Eb - C# C# - Eb – G# G# - Eb – C# C# - Eb – G#
C# Eb G#There’s another side of me for you to see
Bb Eb G#There’s another side of me for you to see.
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