Inxs – Need You Tonight tab

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Intro: (Am  D)  x2
[(A)  x3  C B A]  x2

Am-G-Am  D                       Am-G-Am  D
          all you got is this moment
                               Am - G-Am  D
the twenty-first century's yesterday
                      Am-G-Am  D                      Am  -  G-Am  D
You can care all you want       everybody does yeah that's okay

     Am                 D                     Am
So slide over here and give me a moment your moves are so raw
      D                        Am           D                       Am  D
I've got to let you know I've got to let you know you're one of my kind

Am-G-Am  D              Am-G-Am  D                Am- G -Am  D
          I need you tonight     'cause I'm not sleeping
                    Am - G - Am  D                Am-G-Am  D
There's something about you girl  that makes me sweat

 Am                  D       Am
How do you feel I'm lonely what do you think
       D            Am                    D
Can't take it all whatcha gonna do gonna live my life

Coro     Am-G-Am    Repite segunda estrofa y (pre coro)  x2 y coro
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